Festival Opening

A surprise film, a musical live experience, prize winning films and world premieres – and Harmony Korine too! This opening has all you could wish for the 11th festival’s first programme. A music video to Oneothrix Point Never will provide a hymnal start to the evening, while a world premiere by the groundbreaking digital duo Zeitguised will serve as its finale. In between two award winning short films from China and the USA will delight us with their humorous perspectives, Richard Eigner will add a live soundtrack to a visual marvel by Bret Battey, Harmony Korine will give us goose bumps and a classic by Bert Haanstra will point to a memorable week in 1962. Once again actress Tatjana Alexander will be the host for the evening and will also welcome several guests to the Gartenbaukino stage. Afterwards Vihanna gets us dancing in the philiale, the cinema’s foyer.

Midnight Movies

Although the Midnight Movies weren’t initiated until 2013, their staggering success literally cried out for a sequel. With our saucy PopPorn programme we prove that porn is not always porn, while Très Chic presents current short film absurdities already for the tenth time, along with several classics and favourites from previous years.

Hosted by VICE

Adam Yauch - Homage to Homeboy

Many of you will know Adam Yauch as a co-founder of the successful American hip-hop band Beastie Boys. However, it is not very well known that he also directed many of the group’s music videos under the pseudonym Nathaniel Hörnblowér, a quirky Swiss film maker. Yauch was the driving force behind the ambitious and humorous videos that were at least as influential for the music video genre as the Beastie Boys’ music was for hip-hop.

European (S)Election

To mark the European elections the European (S)election presents selected nominees of the European Film Awards (Short Matters!) and affords the Balkans, some of the future EU-enlargement states, a view beyond their own borders. For this the collective Balkans Beyond Borders has selected the best films from the past four festival editions.


Which short film is of special significance to you? We put this question to three film makers, who areall established in different areas of the audio-visual spectrum. Comic artist Nicolas Mahler (A), film maker Momoko Seto (JP/F) and director Matt Porterfield (USA). Following the programme there will be talk with all three artists hosted by Stadtkino boss Claus Philipp.

In cooperation with Wiener Festwochen

Night of the Light hosted by Michael Ostrowski

Following last years’ successful cooperation, VIS and Wien Energie host the short film production competition Night of the Light once again this year. Numerous Austrian filmmakers accepted the challenge of coming up with 3-minute short films on the topic of “high voltage”. Finally fifteen treatments were chosen, five of which received a 3.000 EUR production budget from Wien Energie for producing the films. The finished works will now be presented at Night of the Light and the best two will be awarded prizes by the jury of five and the audience. Austrian comedian and actor Michael Ostrowski will host the night.

Award from gabarage upcycling design

Awards Ceremony

For its finale the festival will pull out all festive stops. The Vienna Short Film Awards, which will come in the shape of a small but solid “V” cast in concrete, are endowed with over 20.000 EUR this year and – as in previous years – will be awarded in the international Fiction & Documentary competition, the music video competitions and in the Austrian Competition. The prize in the latter will even be topped up by Casinos Austria to a grand total of 5.000 EUR. In the international Animation Avantgarde competition the ASIFA Austria Award and a working scholarship at the MQ will be awarded, there will also be prizes for the best female director, the best newcomer and the most absurd film in the festival. The winner of the latter prize and four additional awards will be chosen by the VIS audience.

Afterwards, there will be a screening of selected award winning films.