International Music Videos

, Schikaneder 61 min

Colourful “sandscapes” swallow up their protagonists, only to spit them out again in various different forms. Accompanied by a fox, mother and daughter dance through their pastel coloured suburban life. The insatiable yearning for gold claims its victims. And a young skateboarder embarks on a hypnotic journey through the desert. The 12 videos selected for the international music video competition present the artistic A-list of global creativity, whilst taking into account various aesthetics and techniques. Following the screening the audience will decide on the winner – and Belgium band BRNS, whose video to the song Our Lights will take part in the competition, will perform live on stage.

Atoms for Peace - Before Your Very Eyes

United States2013 05 min 49 sec English

Pulsating mountains of sand move to the fragile sounds of the top band founded by Thom Yorke. They threaten to engulf the singer, taking him in and erecting buildings and streets, only to swallow them all up again, as if they had never existed.

Andrew Thomas Huang

Suuns - 2020

Canada2013 04 min 14 sec English

The Psych band Suuns are from Montreal and have had a faithful following in Vienna for a while now. In her black and white video Sabrina Ratté converts shrill sounds into geometric shapes and lines. If the year 2020 will really look like this, we can prepare ourselves for sleepless nights.

Sabrina Ratté

Boreal - Hundred Waters

United States2013 03 min 56 sec No dialogue

On an explorative trip through the woods the young protagonist comes across bizarre creatures. Alongside shrieking worms and fluffy giants, we also encounter enticing mermaids after fleeing the main land in favour of cool waters. The jungle book with a new angle.

Lucas Leyva & Jillian Mayer



Greece2013 07 min 45 sec Greek

Mother and daughter live a pastel coloured, suburban life, until for one of them a tempting door into a different world is opened up. Thanasis Tsimpinis has created a dark fairytale full of little details to go with the music of cult band Swans.

Thanasis Tsimpinis

Gesaffelstein- Hate or Glory

France2013 04 min 14 sec English

A craving for gold and prestige drives a young gangster to eradicating several human lives. But just owning the precious metal isn’t enough – he risks the impossible in order to acquire eternal fame.

Fleur & Manu

Mount Kimbie - You Took Your Time

United Kingdom2013 05 min 11 sec No dialogue

Peaceful scenes in black and white, significant looks and mysterious events. What happened, and more importantly: who is responsible? Questions that seem to vanish into thin air during the course of this video, only to catch up with the audience again in the end.

Marcus Soderlund

BRNS - Our Lights

Belgium2013 05 min 32 sec No dialogue

The animated music video by Noémie Marsily and Carl Roosens, whose film Autout Du Lac is also competing in the Animation Avantgarde competition, visualises the destructive powers of our thoughts and deeds with ink and drawings. After the screening we look forward to the hypnotic rhythms and catchy tunes in BRNS’ live performance!

Noémie Marsily, Carl Roosens

Pillars and Tongues - Points of Light

United StatesAustria2013 04 min 37 sec English

The combination of Pillars and Tongues‘ feel-good folk music and analogue images of jellyfish, faces, bouquets and water make for a stimulating work, which floatingly carries us through the video’s four and a half minutes‘ duration - comforting feeling included.

Randy Sterling Hunter

Nicky Da B - Hot Potato Style

United States2012 02 min 41 sec English

From Anthony Hopkins to Paul McCartney to Kate Bush, they all know the lyrics to the latest hits YouTube currently has on offer. Nicky Da B‘s Hot Potato Style boasts an all-star cast that is hard to beat. For singing along and joining in!

Bob Weisz & Casey Coleman

FKA Twigs - Papi Pacify

United Kingdom2013 05 min 02 sec English

The sensuality of sight and sound fills the timeless space, in which British musician FKA Twigs can express herself freely. An homage to the great times of contemporary R&B at the turn of the millennium, when singers like Aaliyah and Beyoncé aesthetically developed the fruitful combination of Soul and electronic music.

Tom Beard and FKA Twigs



Germany2013 04 min 54 sec No dialogue

In a rhythmic montage to the music, a dimly lit corridor develops a captivating hold on the viewer. The suspense builds on both visual and acoustic levels, letting the space slowly drift into endless spheres.

Benjamin Ramírez Pérez, Stefan Ramírez Pérez

Jon Hopkins - Open Eye Signal

Ireland2013 08 min 03 sec No dialogue

A skateboarding youngster embarks on a journey through the wide expanses of the US geography. Curse or voyage of discovery? Maybe both. And we can be a part of it, losing ourselves both in the breathtaking landscapes and in Jon Hopkins’ hypnotic world of sound.

Aoife McArdle