Mihai Grecu exhibition at ASIFAkeil

Burning petroleum, thick wads of smoke, myriads of dead organisms melted to black liquid in millions of years: Rumanian-French artist Mihai Grecu, one of this year's Artists in Residence of VIS, presents a spheric and breathtaking loop-universe made of water, smoke and fire at the ASIFAkeil at quartier21 (MuseumsQuartier). Join us at the opening today at 7 pm!

One month later the exhibition of Thibault Gleize, Grecu's work partner and fellow Artist in Residence, will follow in the same location. Together Grecu and Gleize will also realize a new videoproject during their stay in the MQ.

Mihai Grecu: Untitled im ASIFAkeil
quartier 21 (electric avenue) / MuseumsQuartier
daily 10 am - 10 pm, until June 8th
Opening: May 9th, 7 pm