Artists in Residence

Collaborating with quartier21 (MuseumsQuartier), we invite one to two artists each year to exhibit and work in Vienna for a couple of months.

The Artist-in-Residence program at quartier21 fosters international, project-related exchange and is financed with the aid of private sponsors. Each year, the program is able to invite about 40 artists from other countries to realize joint projects with the resident cultural initiatives on location, consequently promoting the establishment of international networks.

This year’s artists in residence are the French multi media duo Mihai Grecu and Thibault Gleize, who caused quite a stir with their works in previous years at VIS, their video "Exland" winning an award in 2013. This year the festival welcomes them as their guests with exhibitions at the MuseumsQuartier and three festival trailers.

Mihai Grecu (RO/FR)

His films were screened at festivals from Rotterdam to Tampere, from Sao Paulo to Sapporo. He won awards at ZKM in Karlsruhe, at Europe’s biggest short film festival in Clermont-Ferrand and most recently also at VIS in Vienna. Mihai Grecu, who was born in Romania and works in France, is a graduate of the renowned art academy Le Fresnoy and over the last years has built a reputation as a visionary, radical artist alternating between design and genre films, often in collaboration with Thibault Gleize. His surreal animations display this media artist’s distinct handwriting.

In Vienna, Grecu will work together with Gleize on a new video (Strange Attractor) and will guest at ASIFAkeil in the MuseumsQuartier for a month from 9 May with burning petroleum and a loop-universe of water, smoke and fire. Furthermore he and Gleize created three trailers for VIS 2014.

Thibault Gleize (FR)

Thibault Gleize startet out as a graffiti artist in the late 90’s in Southern France, before turning his hand to more to graphic and illustrative works and unusual videos and animations. Over the years he developed a cabinet of curiosities of mutating monsters and grotesque characters with the aid of a magic lantern that projects terrifying images onto the wall. Together with Mihai Grecu he is part of amultimedia duo in Paris that expresses itself in videos, installations, graphic design, photography and drawings, often producing alienated places and hallucinatory spaces.

The ESAD graduate will work with Grecu on a new video (Strange Attractor). Furthermore they created three trailers for VIS 2014.