Cat Video Festival Vienna

They are everywhere nowadays: cat videos. No other kind of home video gets posted as often posted on Facebook and Youtube as cute kittens doing funny things. The Walker Art Center in Minneapolis approached this phenomenon in a semi serious way and called for submissions: Soon afterwards, 78 out of ten thousands films were screened open air in front of 10,000 people. In 2013, VIS Vienna Independent Shorts were the first to bring the feline fest to Europe!

Design by Nicolas Mahler

2014: The cats at Arena summer open-air

No human can ever break the iron will of a cat. They defy gravity, ignore the rules of decent behaviour and make the world to their own and special playground. The second edition of the Cat Video Festival Vienna is comparable with a bouquet of flowers. Newcomer and cat video stars are presenting themselves from their best side - in everday life, sports, music videos, and of course their special field: ignoring humans.

Make sure you won’t miss the hangover!

August 19th, 9.30 pm
Doors open at 8 pm
Arena Sommerkino
Free entrance!

In cooperation with Arena Wien andWalker Art Center Minneapolis


Design by Nicolas Mahler

2013: Celebrating the first edition

Collaborating with the Walker Art Center and Volxkino, VIS Vienna Independent Shorts was delighted to bring the Cat Video Festival to Europe for the first time, powered by Kitekat®. The open air screening in Vienna took place on June 14th, 2013, at the Jesuitenwiese (Prater) in Vienna and 1,500 feline friends attended to see  highlights from the event in Minneapolis as well as videos from the German speaking area and curated films by VIS and Artist in Residence Alexei Dmitriev.

Photos from the furry event can be found here.